The #1 Reason JVZoo Products Fail

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Some marketers get lucky and hit a home run with their first product, then wonder why their second, third and fourth products don’t sell.

Or they never do create a successful product, despite following the advice that they should, “create products that solve problems.”

They found a problem. They solved it. But the solution they found isn’t selling.

Log into JVZoo or Warrior and look at all the products that have sold 10 copies or less.

Assuming these products were promoted and shown to potential buyers, what do they all have in common?

They don’t solve a problem that buyers need solving.

It’s one thing to pick out a problem yourself and find a way to solve it. Yeah! You solved a problem that YOU thought needed solving.

That’s what you wanted. But is it what others want, too? If buyers don’t have this problem, or don’t see a need to solve it, then they won’t buy.

You’ve got to sell solutions to problems that customers are willing to pay to solve.

Too many marketers only pay attention to the first half of the above statement and forget the second half.