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Newbie Case Study: $1,000/mo in 30 Days

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Here’s how you can begin earning a consistent $1,000 a month or more while building your list and do it starting in less than 30 days.

I’ve seen this done before and it’s been tried and tested by many over the years because it’s simple and easy to do. It’s sort of a classic, and it performs as well now as it did 5 or 10 years ago. Here’s how it works, and I’ll use Gina for our case study.

Gina was brand new to marketing 2 months ago and wondering what to do. On a bit of advice, she spent a week in a deep dive creating a free report, an upsell product and a squeeze page.

Notice she owns her own upsell. Doing this with an affiliate product as your upsell won’t work, and you’ll see why in a moment.

This is a self-liquidating funnel, meaning the upsell pays for the traffic she drives to the offer. She’s building a list of people who get her free offer as well as a list of buyers who took the upsell. In her case her upsell is just $9, but it’s converting well enough to easily pay for her traffic which comes from ads.

To create her free offer and her upsell, she started with some premium PLR and then changed it to her own voice so that it’s unique to her and something she’s happy to offer her visitors.

Okay, so far that’s a traditional funnel, but here’s the twist: Ginna created a second sales page with a video that tells her visitors how well her funnel is performing. She mentions the front-end freebie opt-ins, the number of sales on her upsell offer, sales that are coming in from emailing her growing list and so forth.

She really sells the benefits of how well her funnel is working. Of course, the first week she did this her video was a little different, in that she talked about the potential benefits because she didn’t have numbers yet. But by week 3 she had her permanent video up with stats.

She shows this video sales page to everyone who opts into her funnel, and then she offers them full white label rights to the entire thing for $99. The white label rights have the condition that it cannot be resold but only used.

At $99, 11 sales a month equals a $1,000 income. Her first month she did in fact make 11 sales, but this second month after a little bit of tweaking and increasing her traffic she is on track to triple that amount.

Remember that these customers who are buying the rights have already been through the funnel themselves, so they have already seen how effective it is. Gina lets them know that buying the white label rights is a great way for a newbie like themselves to get started building their own list.

If you try this yourself then keep mind you can charge whatever you like or whatever the market will bear. I might recommend increasing the price or even offering a payment plan, such as $97 for three months.

You might be wondering about saturation and that’s a good point. But the fact is, 95% of people who buy an offer like this never use it. That’s not something I’m happy about, but it is a fact.

And if you do indeed see a bunch of your funnels popping up, you can simply revise your funnel to look different. In fact, you might want to update it every so often anyway, to give it a fresh look and test it to see if you can’t continually increase your conversions.

This is a great way to get started in the online marketing niche. You’re building a list for no cost and making money besides.

And remember that these folks opt into your funnel before they see the white label offer, so they end up being their own testimonial or social proof that it works, making easy sales of the rights for you.