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Let Your Customers Write Your Emails

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It can be tough figuring out what to put in your emails.

Another day, another email.

If you send one email a day, in a year that means you need 365 new ideas of what to write.

Of course, some of them will be offers, but what about the rest?

Here’s a goldmine of possibilities ripe for your email writing exploitation:

The messages you get from your customers.

It doesn’t matter if they’re emailing you, writing a comment on your blog or commenting on social media.

If they’re asking you a question or commenting on something you’ve said or done, it could make for an excellent email to your list.

Let’s say that you get a complaint from a customer: “Joe, your XYZ product is too darn long. 27 videos? 12 PDFs? Who has time for all this?”

This is perfect! Copy and paste their comment right into your email and then answer with something like this…

Hi everyone, here’s an email I got from Joe and my reply to him. See what you think:

Yes Joe, it’s long. Have you been to college? It takes 4 years of grueling classes to get a degree that may or may not get you a job working for someone else.

My course teaches you how to drive unlimited, super targeted and highly profitable traffic to any offer you choose, anytime, anywhere. This is a skill that will serve you for life, showing you exactly how to make “money on demand” as you see fit.

That’s why the course is comprehensive, because I show you everything you need to know.

Most people devour the course in 3 or 4 days, but even if it takes you an entire day to watch each 30 minute video, you’ll still have the skills and knowledge you need in just 30 days to make money online.

Or you could go back to school and get a second degree in 2 to 5 years that may or may not get you a job.

Your choice.

Okay, perhaps that last part was a little snippy and not for everyone, but you get the idea.

Here’s an actual email I received from an actual customer,

“Never send us another offer that is higher than $27 again.”

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

My response was that maybe I think more of them and their aspirations than they do, that maybe I want their success more than they do and so forth. I got a lot of positive feedback on that one, too.

Then I had a complaint that I was promoting a course that taught the basics. In fact, this person basically tore me a new one, if you know what I mean. I fired her from my list and then used her email to emphasize how important the basics are in any field, whether it’s basketball, exploring space or online marketing. And I got a huge response to that one.

I also use emails that praise me and my products, but frankly those aren’t half as fun. Still, they do generate plenty of sales so I continue to use them.

If you run out of comments from your list members, customers, social media followers and so forth, here are a few more ideas for email fodder:

1: Amazon product reviews – with a little digging you can find some doozies. Just find products in your niche and start reading the comments.

2: Reddit – spend some time browsing Reddit and you’ll get all kinds of ideas. Better yet, post a question related to your niche and see what kinds of answers you get.

3: Quora – this is a little bit like Reddit only with fewer, longer answers. Look for questions people pose in your niche and then instead of answering them on Quora, answer them directly to your subscribers. As a bonus, you can copy the answer you sent to your subscribers and place it on Quora, too.

4: The News as it relates to something in your niche – this is called newsjacking and can be really effective. Watch the news for items related to your niche, then write about your thoughts and opinions on what’s happening.

5: Your pets, your kids, your grandparents – who made you laugh today? There might be an email in the silly thing your kid said, the comic antics of your pets or even the wisdom or internet naivete of your grandparents.