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How to Turn Customer Service Requests into High Ticket Sales

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could completely, totally automate customer service? This way every time a customer had a question, it would be handled automatically without you or a virtual assistant having to do a thing.

Well, maybe not.

What many marketers don’t realize is that a customer service request is the PERFECT time to sell an additional product.

When you answer a customer’s question, it’s usually going to be about a product they purchased. Maybe they’re having trouble opening it, or need a new download link, or they’re having trouble with Step #4 of your course.

Now imagine if, when you write back, you not only answer their question but also point out a helpful product that will aid them in reaching their goal.

Yes, this takes time. But these customer service replies often convert like gangbusters because you’re making the customer an offer when they are actively engaged in your product or website.

Think of it as making the perfect offer to the perfect person at the perfect time. They see that you are a real person who replies to their questions. They see you want to help them achieve their goals. And they’ve already proven they’re ready to spend money to get the solutions they seek.

And don’t be shy about offering high priced products or services, either. They’re having trouble getting traffic? “This ABC Traffic Course is the absolute best resource I’ve seen for getting traffic.” Are they having trouble getting started, or are they stuck halfway through the course they already purchased? Maybe it’s time to offer them some personal one on one coaching.

At the very, VERY least, be sure to place an offer at the bottom of every customer service reply email you send out.