Double The Impact of Testimonials with THIS

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Testimonials, testimonial headlines and even regular headlines are twice as likely to be read by your prospect if you do this one little thing…

…add quotes.

Look at the difference:

For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!


“For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!”

Quotation marks give your copy instant credibility.

And because the second example stands out, it’s twice as likely to be read. You can even use this trick on headlines to get skimmers to STOP and pay attention.

Here’s another little testimonial trick:

Find out what your customer wants, and then use a quote to show them they’ll get it.

For example, if super-fast delivery is important to your prospect, then find a quote about this very thing and place it next to the order form.

“I received my Miracle Arthritis product in just 2 days!”

Not only are you showing the customer they get fast delivery, but you’re doing it in a way that breaks down resistance. You’re not saying that delivery is fast – one of their fellow customers is saying that.

The testimonial goes a long way towards proving the claim of fast delivery is real, and you never even had to make the claim yourself.