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7.5 Ways to Help Readers and Make $1000/Month

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Your results will vary, but just imagine if you could make an extra $1000 a month or more simply by placing affiliate links where they will be the most helpful to your readers and viewers.

That’s right: I’m suggesting that you stop thinking of affiliate marketing as trying to sell something and instead think of it as you helping your readers.

It’s a small shift in thinking but I’ve found that since I made this shift, I’m placing far more affiliate links out there and making a much higher percentage of sales as well.

Here are a few places to add affiliate links that help your readers and customers:

1: Create a tools and resources page. Add affiliate links for each product, tool, course and so forth. This earns you money, but it also makes it super easy for the reader to click over and find the resource without searching.

2: Write honest to goodness REAL reviews and post your affiliate link. Even if it turns out the product is NOT right for you, you can still post a link to let them check it out for themselves. And having that link means they don’t have to search for the product.

3: Share your favorite products and resources with your email list. You might create a weekly newsletter with special deals, write a ‘how-to’ email with the resources you use, or tell them about a great product you just discovered that can help them to achieve their goals.

4: Add affiliate links to opt-in freebies, lead magnets, special reports and so forth. If your lead magnet teaches how to do something, give them the links to the tools you use.

5: Place affiliate links inside your courses and products, both free and paid. Again, if you’re teaching them how to do something, be sure to give them the links to the tools you’re using.

6: Place helpful affiliate links on your thank you page. Once someone opts in to your list to get your freebie, they reach your thank you page. This is prime real estate and a great place to include affiliate links to products, services and resources that can further help them to achieve their goals.

7: Add affiliate links to your YouTube channel. Create videos about products and services you are promoting, as well as ‘how to’ videos. Place your affiliate link in the description box and remind them in the video of where to find the link.

7.5 Use affiliate links on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be helpful and share your best discoveries with your social media fans to help them achieve the results they seek.

Pro Tip: To stay within in the law, always disclose that you are using an affiliate link. On social media, you can add something like; #afflink, #ad, #sponsor or #affiliatelink.

On your website and in your emails, reports and courses, you might use this phrasing to tell people you’re using affiliate links:

This post may contain affiliate links which means, if you decide to make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin that will add your disclaimer to every post automatically.

Whatever it is that you’re doing online, ask yourself if this is a good place for an affiliate link. Is it appropriate? Is it helpful for the reader?

And most of all, never promote anything you don’t believe in. Promoting shoddy products just to make sales today will make it considerably harder to make sales going forward. If you always put your readers’ interests ahead of your own, you’ll make plenty of sales.