How to Use Empathy and Emotion to Double Your Sales Overnight

What if you could get 5%, 10% and maybe even 15% conversions with mediocre sales copy? You can, but there’s something you’ve got to do first — you’ve got to build trust, likeability, credibility and loyalty with your prospects. People

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Google AdWords Bans Ads for Cryptocurrency If you’re offering information about trading cryptocurrency, your AdWords days are numbered. Starting June, 2018, Google will ban all AdWords ads for crypto exchanges, ICOs, and pretty much anything crypto. The reason? Cryptocurrency scams.

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The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors If you want to understand Google’s ranking factors, you need this. The chart provides an overview of the factors that affect search engine rankings. But there’s a lot more to the table, because

The One Email that Instantly Gets Clients

Ooohhh, I’m going to burn for this one, but I just could not resist. Let me say right now, before we go any further… there is no one email that instantly gets clients. There are, however, plenty of emails that start