80% of Your Marketing Campaign’s Success Comes from This

Pop Quiz: What is the most important element of any marketing campaign?
Is it:
1: The ability to drive traffic?
2: The ability to recruit top affiliates?
3: A product people desperately want to buy?
4: Or a terrific headline and opening to your sales message?

7 Copywriting Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates

To make more initial sales, you can send more people to your offers, you can send better qualified people to your offers, or you can convert more of the people you send.
Today let’s talk about how to convert more of your traffic into sales by using little copywriting tips and tricks that massively improve your copy’s ability to make those sales for you.

John McAfee Sends You a Message from the Grave

John McAfee, the eccentric founder of McAfee anti-virus and guy who ran for US President has died of an apparent suicide. It’s speculated that he would rather die than be extradited to the U.S. to face charges of tax evasion, securities fraud and money laundering for things he allegedly did in the 2000’s, which is another story.