7 Mistakes You’re Making on Your ‘About Me’ Page

A good ‘About Me’ Page doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. In fact, it just needs to communicate a few key things.
And yet people keep making these same 7 mistakes over and over again on their About Pages.

Cat Butt Push Pins

Ideas are everywhere and they don’t even need to be original.
If you’ve ever been on Ebay, then you know that once you click on one item, another dozen items will be suggested.

5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing with Icons

It might seem strange to think of icons as helping with your email marketing efforts. After all, it’s the message that’s important, right?
But anything that can help you to better convey your message is something worth looking into.

Storms Coming

At various points in our lives both personal and professional, it may seem that we are “all at sea”. What I mean by this is that it may seem that we have very little control over what is happening in the environment around us, and the only choice we have is to go along with the flow.