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3 Tips for Selling More T-shirts

T-shirts can be a great way to make extra money. Find a quote people love, design a super simple shirt with that quote, get it on Teespring and run a Facebook ad campaign. Yes, it’s just about that easy.

Internet Marketing

How to Sell Products at a Ridiculous Markup

I’d love to call this a case study but I don’t have enough info to do that. What I can say is that this must be making money or they wouldn’t keep doing it.
Lately my Adblocker isn’t always working properly on YouTube, which is why I’m suddenly seeing ads appear before my videos, and it’s been a real learning experience for me. If you have an adblocker, you might disable it for a few days just to see what you’ve been missing.

Internet Marketing

5 Reasons You NEED a Blog

Blogs are so 2005, right? You’ve got to keep writing all the time and finding things to say and communicating and who needs that?
Okay, maybe you do.
If you have a website, you need a blog.

Internet Marketing

Do You Hate Paying for Advertising?

It’s great when we can use free advertising to make sales, right?
Like when affiliates send you traffic.
Oh wait… you have to PAY those affiliates.

When Your Competitors Don’t Play Fair

Rule #1 of online marketing… there aren’t nearly as many rules as you might think.
Rule #2 of online marketing… some people will do things that really should be against the rules. And sometimes these things will really make you mad.
Rule #3 of online marketing… you can’t change what they do and getting mad won’t help. But what you can do is sleep well at night.