• The #1 Reason JVZoo Products Fail

    Some marketers get lucky and hit a home run with their first product, then wonder why their second, third and fourth products don’t sell.

  • The Smarties Guide to Content

    In January of 1949, Edward Dee brought his family from England to New Jersey, USA. He rented a facility, installed two machines and began making a candy wafer roll called Smarties®.
    If you’ve ever had one of these, you know each roll contains 15 disc-shaped candies of assorted colors and flavors. Pop one in your mouth and you will get a pleasant, mild taste of… something.

  • Can’t Write Headlines?

    Writing headlines that are powerful, that capture attention, that draw the reader into your copy and that SELL is tough.
    It takes work. Trial and error. Brainstorming. Research.

  • Double The Impact of Testimonials with THIS

    Testimonials, testimonial headlines and even regular headlines are twice as likely to be read by your prospect if you do this one little thing…
    …add quotes.

  • The Statistic That Terrifies Marketers

    You’ve probably heard this before…
    And ignored it before. Why? Because you didn’t know what to DO about it.

  • “I Don’t Have Time to Make a Plan!”

    Have you ever felt like you were so behind on your work that you didn’t have time to plan?
    Planning is like exercising – the more you do it, the better you feel and the more you get done.

  • Case Study: How to Earn $371,882 Developing and Selling Digital Products, Step by Step

    This is loosely based on Neil Patel’s million-dollar formula as shared online. In his formula, he outlines the bare basics of what you would need to do to earn millions of dollars, just as he has.
    I’m going to fill in the gaps as I go, staying true to his formula but taking most of the guess work out of the process for you.

  • 10 Page Tweaks that Massively Increase Conversions

    Some of these are so commonly known, you’ve probably heard of them before.
    But the real question is, are you doing them?